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Proof of Good - Gratitude Journal

Proof of Good - Gratitude Journal

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This is technically a gratitude journal but it’s different from others. It's open-ended, flexible, and not bossy. There are no daily minimums or maximums. It doesn’t tell you how many things to write each day and it doesn’t tell you when you need to write them. As human beings, the way we feel fluctuates. Some days you might feel MASSIVE gratitude for just one thing and other days you might feel like you have TWENTY things to write down. Therefore, this journal was made differently. 

Rather than writing, “I am grateful for…” over and over, just keep your eyes open for good things that happen to you and around you each day, things that made you laugh, made you sigh, made you think. This approach comes with the feeling of appreciation already built in.

The Magic of this Journal:

As you use your journal daily, it will become a habit to keep an eye out for good things throughout your day because you will be looking forward to writing them down in your book. You can even carry it with you so you can write when the muse strikes or you can wait until the end of your day, either one is perfectly fine. This practice will help train your mind to look for the positives and keep you ever-aware of all the goodness in your life and will help you become a magnet for more of it.

Here's a hack for you: If you're in a funk, fill out the journal as fast as you can! Let your days be consumed with finding proof in your life of all the goodness that exists. Every time you notice something, no matter how big or small, write it down. You will notice a shift like never before!

When you are done with this journal, you will have a WHOLE BOOK filled with proof… 2,730 pieces of evidence… all pointing to the fact that your life is awesome. Don’t wait until that day when everything is going to finally be perfect, start noticing now.

Find the proof of good.

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