Inner Voice Sessions

  • Receive Deep Guidance

    You know what it feels like when you “know” something? That Inner Wisdom that seems to live deep in your gut or heart? That's your Inner Voice and you can ask for guidance whenever you need it. 

  • Clear Emotional Blocks

    Sometimes when we feel the love and acceptance that lives inside of us, it brings up a lot of emotions. Feelings that have probably lived in our bodies for a long time. You will learn to move through these emotions and release them.  

  • Feel Peaceful and Seen

    Your Inner Voice is always with you and is only interested in what is of the highest good for you. When you learn to listen, you will hear and feel how loved you are, how held and supported you are… always.

Classic Inner Voice Session

A 90-minute session during which you will access a deep state of awareness, so you can receive inner voice answers on the topics most important to you.

You will learn to release the mind's thoughts and live as your inner voice, so you can receive deep inner guidance on all aspects of you life.

If deep, stuck emotions appear during the session, I will help you release them safely and effectively.

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limited sessions available

Emotional Release Session

A 45-minute session during which we will focus on finding and releasing emotions that have been lingering in your body, waiting to be felt. Finally.

I will hold space for you to feel and process as we watch the weight and size of the emotion lighten and shrink, until you feel it release, and feel the space that's left in its place. Finally able to hear your inner wisdom clearly.

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limited sessions available

Inner Voice Strength-In Session

This is a 1-hour session intended to help you strengthen your ability to hear and connect to your inner voice.

We walk through five different exercises that allow you to connect to your inner voice from different angles, which increases your opportunities to receive guidance in several different ways.

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limited sessions available