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Joyful LIttle Planner

Joyful LIttle Planner

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Discover Joy and Productivity with the Daily and Undated Joyful Little Planner

Transform your days with our thoughtfully designed daily planner, crafted to bring structure, joy, and productivity into your life. Created out of necessity for those with unpredictable schedules, this undated planner is your flexible companion, ready to adapt to your unique routine.

Why You'll Love This Planner:

Flexible Structure: With spaces for to-dos and time commitments, you can organize your tasks and appointments in a way that suits you best. No dates or times pre-filled – it's your canvas.

Plan for Joy: Every day has a dedicated space to plan for joy. Whether it’s something to do, something to eat, or something to see, this section helps you intentionally create moments of happiness. Alternatively, use it as a gratitude journal to reflect on joyful moments that unfolded throughout your day.

Wellness Tracking: Keep track of your hydration and plan your meals effortlessly. This planner ensures you're not only productive but also mindful of your well-being.

Daily Intentions: Set a focus or intention for each day, aligning your actions with your goals and values. It's a gentle reminder of what truly matters to you.

Combining mindset, magic, and practical application, our daily planner is more than just a tool – it's an experience designed to uplift and organize your life.

Embrace the perfect blend of joy and productivity. We hope this planner serves you well and brings a touch of magic to your everyday routine. 😊


  • 100 pages
  • 7x10"
  • Soft-touch cover
  • Color interior
  • A little over 3 months' worth of entries
  • Undated
  • Open concept planner


  • To-Do List
  • Appointments
  • Time Commitments
  • Fun, joyful activities
  • Water intake
  • Daily meals
  • Daily focus/intention

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. The quantity listed is what I have on hand, but if you need more, please let me know as I can definitely print them for you!

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