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Internal Seasons Menstrual Journal

Internal Seasons Menstrual Journal

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This is a physical journal with space for a whole year's worth of entries. It is meant to be a partner to the Internal Seasons Menstrual Tracker. The journal is undated, so you can start using it at any time. If you skip days, it's okay, just keep using it as you can. With time, you will start to notice your awareness increasing and your connection to your body and your cycle deepening. It will become part of your everyday. 

The menstrual tracker has space for you to identify the seasons of your cycle, but there isn't space to elaborate on how you're feeling or any trends you may be noticing in your ebbs and flows as each cycle progresses. That's what this journal is for. You can come to its pages every day and jot down some thoughts or feelings, and as time goes by you will be able to go back through the pages and pull out important information for yourself about yourself. It's like a little research project where you are the subject and the goal is to uncover your very own personal operating system. 

There are sections in the journal for you to gather the information you learn about yourself and note patterns and trends from your cycle, and then from those you will be able to put together practices and rituals for yourself to support you as the seasons change every month in your very own personal cycle. 

It would be easy for an "expert" to tell us about the menstrual cycle and the things we should do, but we are all unique and what works for one person may not work for another. So this journal is meant to empower you with your own internal wisdom, which you can then use to rise or rest according to your internal seasons. 

** Take a peek at the other items in the shop if you're curious about the menstrual tracker. She's big! 18x24" and is meant to be displayed proudly on your wall. 


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