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Internal Seasons Menstrual Bundle

Internal Seasons Menstrual Bundle

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With this bundle, you get to choose between the physical tracker that goes on your wall or the digital version that you can keep on your device. The wall tracker is BIG! 18x24" and is meant to be displayed proudly where you can see it every day. The journal will still be a physical paper product.

The wall tracker has space for all of your cycles in 2024. It is dated and has the moon cycles included so you can see which phase of the moon you're synched with. I created this tracker because when I was trying to find a tracker for myself, a lot of them were set up as one page per month and I had to flip through pages to see my past patterns. It felt hard to notice anything when having to flip through 5, 6, or 8 pages to see a few months of data. I wanted to be able to see my whole cycle in one glance. 

This tracker holds a whole year's worth of your cycle so you can see your very own ebbs and flows; you can see the cycles that live inside your body, all in one place, without having to flip pages. This tracker uses seasons (winter, spring, summer, fall) to identify the phase of your cycle, rather than the technical terms (menstrual, follicular, ovulation, luteal) because I think it helps paint the picture so much clearer to think of seasons and emotions, rather than phases and hormones. 

A big plus to the size of this tracker is that, if you live with other people, they will be in the know of where you are in your body at any given moment. It will invite them to support you and will help you practice being seen by others and held.

The bundle also includes the Internal Seasons journal. It is a partner to the wall tracker and gives you tons of space to write daily and keep track of how you're feeling and any symptoms. As you go along your tracking journey, there are pages for you to write down any patterns you're noticing in your mood and body, and from those you can then create personalized practices for yourself. There is also a quarterly check-in to see how you're doing. 

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