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DIGITAL 2024 Internal Seasons Menstrual Tracker

DIGITAL 2024 Internal Seasons Menstrual Tracker

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This is a DIGITAL FILE - Nothing will be shipped. A PDF will come up at the completion of your order and will also be emailed to you. You can use the file digitally on your device or you can have it printed any way you'd like. 

It holds a whole year's worth of your cycle so you can see your very own ebbs and flows; you can see the cycles that live inside your body, all in one place, without having to flip pages.

There are instructions on how to use it as well as moon phases and what they mean. This tracker uses seasons to follow the phases of your menstrual cycle. They are also explained on the tracker itself. If you'd like to see it in action, feel free to come over to Instagram and take a look around @perfectly_better.

**There is also an accompanying journal that goes with this tracker if you would like to get it. The pages are meant to be a space where you can elaborate on how you're feeling and keep track of any patterns you're noticing. It also has space for you to create monthly rituals for yourself based on what you notice as the months go on.


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