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Basic Shit - a Basic Needs Tracker - Get Out of a Funk

Basic Shit - a Basic Needs Tracker - Get Out of a Funk

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Ever have those days where even the basics feel like a struggle? I get it. That’s why I crafted this self-care habit tracker—a fun and easy way to lift your spirits, even when life feels a bit heavy.

For one week, follow the list of small, doable actions designed to brighten your day. From munching on a juicy piece of fruit to grounding yourself with a minute of barefoot time outdoors, each task is geared to bring a smile back to your face. Need a hug? It’s on the list! Feeling stressed? Take a deep breath.

The mission is simple: to help you show yourself some love, one tiny step at a time. By committing to these small acts of self-care, you’ll rediscover how powerful the little things can be in boosting your mood and well-being. The goal is to help you make those small shifts and get you out of whatever funk you may have been feeling. 

Doesn't matter when you start this, that's why I used numbers for the days instead of M, T, W, etc. Seven days felt like a good amount of time to start to come out of a funky period and the tasks on the list are super basic on purpose. I didn't make the requirement "eight glasses of water" or "breathing for five minutes." I want it to feel like you're almost doing nothing, because sometimes that's all we can do, and I want you to notice how even these tiny things add up after one week. 

I would LOVE to hear how you feel after showing up for yourself for seven days. Message me on Instagram or share and tag me @perfectly_better


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