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All the Little Memories I Want to Keep - Memory Keepsake Journal

All the Little Memories I Want to Keep - Memory Keepsake Journal

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How many precious little memories have been lost to the recesses of our memory that we wish we had jotted down?

This journal is the solution. Whether it’s the funny things your kids say, memorable moments with friends, or cherished family experiences, this journal is your time capsule.

It features spacious 7x10 inch pages for writing, doodling, and pasting in keepsakes like ticket stubs, doodles, dried flowers... anything!

  • Easy Journaling: Quick, short-entry format—just a few lines per memory.
  • Personalize your Entries: Includes space for dates and names, suitable for all your memories.
  • Scrapbooking Space: Tape or glue in drawings, photos, and mementos to enrich your entries.
  • Embrace all of Life: Capture moments from your kids (if you have them), time with friends, fun things with your family, or daily reflections of life. 
  • Celebrate Your People: Foster gratitude and appreciation for loved ones with each heartfelt entry.


  • Compact yet spacious at 7x10 inches, perfect for writing or doodling on the go.
  • Includes extra space for scrapbooking—attach drawings, photos, notes from loved ones, and more.
  • Each page accommodates three entries with dedicated sections for dates and names.
  • Contains 118 pages, providing ample room to document countless memories.
  • Ideal for gifting at baby showers, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or to cherished relatives like aunties and uncles.

And here’s what you can expect:

Whether you’re capturing moments with your kids or celebrating life’s adventures solo, this journal will continually amaze you. It’s a chance to deepen your love for those around you and recognize your own awesomeness—you’ve shaped these unforgettable memories!

Now, go cherish those special moments, whether with loved ones or on your own, and thank you so much for supporting a small business like ours!

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