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All the Little Memories I Want to Keep - Memory Keepsake Journal

All the Little Memories I Want to Keep - Memory Keepsake Journal

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How many precious little memories have been lost to the recesses of our memory that we wish we had jotted down?

Have you ever had your kid come to you and ask to hear about when they were little? How much did you remember? How many stories were you able to share? This journal will help you create a time capsule of the moments you've lived with your kids, friends, and family. It's not just for people with children. Use it for memories of any time in your life and with any people you come across. Use the blank pages for ticket stubs, doodles, dried flowers... anything!

Benefits of this journal (and some intended consequences - see below)
  • It’s easy! This is a short-entry journal, with just a few lines for each entry. It’ll take literally 90 seconds to jot down whatever adorable thing your kid just did or said.
  • Each entry has a space for the date and name of the person you’re writing about, so you can use it for ALL the memories, no need to compartmentalize. 
  • Go beyond the “first five years.” Some people think kids are their cutest when they’re babies, but they get better and better as they get older. Journal about them when they're babies, toddlers, big kids, teenagers... til they leave the house! (or beyond)
  • The best thing we can do for our kids (or anyone in our lives) is to constantly look for their awesomeness. This kind of journaling will help you stay in a place of gratitude for your people because you will be more aware of the things they do since you’ll want lots of content to fill up your journal.
  • 7x10 inches - big enough to write or make doodles and small enough to take with you.
  • Extra space for scrapbooking. Tape or glue drawings, photos, teacher notes, etc.
  • Three entries per page with space for the date and the person’s name.
  • 118 pages
  • Perfect for all kinds of families… traditional, adopted, foster, blended, new parent, single parent... all of them!
  • Give it as a baby shower gift, or for Mother's Day or Father's Day, or to a favorite auntie or uncle.
And now for the consequences...

You will find yourself in constant amazement over your kids (and your whole life to be honest) and how incredible they are (you’ll fall even more in love with them) and you’ll realize how awesome you are too, you molded them!

Now go enjoy your people and thanks so much for supporting a small business!

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