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Showing up for Myself - A Habit Stacking Tracker

Showing up for Myself - A Habit Stacking Tracker

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Introducing the amazing habit-stacking tracker - a game changer in building sustainable habits and transforming your daily routine. Unlike traditional trackers that focus on a single habit over an extended period, this tracker is designed to seamlessly integrate SIX habits into your life over the next four months through the powerful technique of habit-stacking.

I like the idea of developing a habit and integrating it into my life before adding something else to my routine. So I created this little tracker for myself first and then realized it would probably help a lot of people, especially those who are trying to stick to their New Year's resolutions.


Gradual Integration:
Instead of overwhelming yourself with multiple habits at once, begin with one habit for the initial 21 days, mastering it before smoothly adding a new one.

Slow and Steady Wins:
No need to rush! This tracker lets you add habits gradually, building up your discipline over time. Witness the gradual transformation of your daily life as you effortlessly integrate positive practices.

21 Day Magic:
They say it takes 21 days to make a habit stick, so we're riding that wave! Watch your habits turn into daily routines.

User Friendly Vibes:
With designated sections for each habit, the tracker is super user-friendly. Simply write your chosen habit on line 1 and color in circles as you progress, a visual treat that turns habit-building into a fun and rewarding game.

You start by writing one habit on line 1, just one, and do it for 21 days. Color in a circle each day as you complete the action. Once the first 21 days are over, you take your first habit and rewrite it on line 1 of the second 21-day section and add a second habit on line 2. Color in the circles as you go.

Once the second 21-day period is done, carry over the two habits you've been working on to the third section and add a third habit, do those every day for 21 days. And so on, until you end up with SIX habits you're doing daily. It might sound like a lot, but because we're adding these things gradually, the intention is that the discipline will build over time.


Step-by-Step Wins:
Take it one step at a time, celebrate the little victories, and watch your progress stack up.

Colorful Rewards:
Literally color your way to success! Each circle is a high-five to yourself, turning habits into a visually awesome journey.

Let's Hang Out:
Join the Instagram party! Share your wins, ask questions, and let's cheer each other on. We're all in this habit adventure together! Find me at @perfectly_better. Tag me and I'll share so we can all cheer each other on!

Options, Options:
The tracker measures 8.5"x11" and will be delivered to you via USPS, folded in an envelope. If you would rather have a digital copy to fill out on your device, or you want to print it yourself, please come to the shop and find the digital version of the tracker.

Ready to boost your habit game? Grab your tracker and let's build a community committed to showing up for ourselves.
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